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Wilton Farm Veg Boxes

In reaction to the Covid 19 pandemic we are now delivering veg boxes to domestic households around the South Hams. 

As well as all the fruit and veg we normally supply we will also be able to supply you with Eggs bread and milk. Please be aware that all products are subject to availability, due to volatile supply chains at this time.

We run a pretty tight ship, but any produce that cannot be sold will be donated to Kingsbridge food bank. 

Fruit & Veg Boxes

All our veg boxes come with a mixture of winter and root vegetables, fresh fruit and a variety of delicious salads.

Each size box has the same variety of produce, the larger boxes have greater quantities,

and  consist of the following:

6 different types of veg - (usually a brassica, potatoes, peppers or courgettes, carrots, parnsips, leeks and onions)

4 different types of fruit - (usually apples, tangerines, grapes, banana's, strawberries or blueberries)

3 different types of salad - (usually gem or cos lettuce, tomato's and cucumber)

Available in 3 sizes:

  • ​Singles box - £10

  • Standard box - £20

  • Family box - £30

Eggs, Bread & Milk


Freshly baked bread, baked daily in Kingsbridge.

  • Granary

  • Wholemeal

  • White

Small sliced - £1.50

Large sliced - £2.60


  • Green and Blue top 2 Ltr - £2.00


  • Half dozen -  £1.60

Single Box
Standard Box
Family Box
Please note that the pictures are examples only. The actual produce may change, depending on what is fresh and available.
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